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22083107 the procurement of 396 pcs of Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE (8GB+128GB) and/or Samsung Galaxy M33 5G (6GB+128GB) 25-Aug-2022 11-Aug-2022
22083106 event management service for 2023 TERMIS-AP International Conference 30-Aug-2022 11-Aug-2022
22083104 Embryo Transfer Catheter for Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures 18-Aug-2022 03-Aug-2022
22083103 Follicle Aspiration Needle Set (double lumen) for in-vitro fertilization treatment 18-Aug-2022 03-Aug-2022
22083102 CUHK Business School - Social Media Marketing Project 25-Aug-2022 03-Aug-2022
22083101 Printed Advertisement 16-Aug-2022 01-Aug-2022
22073096 a modular wavefront sensing system 18-Aug-2022 21-Jul-2022
TA2022-09 A confocal microscope with advanced image acquisition and image analysis 16-Aug-2022 15-Jul-2022
TA2022-08 Multi-colour Flow Cytometry cell sorter 16-Aug-2022 15-Jul-2022
TA2022-07 3D-bioprinter for fabrication of biological constructs 16-Aug-2022 15-Jul-2022

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